At Waterless Co., we provide affordable, low-maintenance non-flushing urinals that are based on the zero-water concept. The technology we use in our innovative waterless urinal system is simple, yet highly effective, and eliminates many problems commonly found with standard water-flushing urinal systems.



Several design elements come together to make our waterless urinals highly efficient. Through the use of a unique system that consists of our EcoTrap® and BlueSeal® technology, as many as 1000 to 4500 gallons of potable flush water can be saved for every 1500 uses, when compared to a standard water-flushing urinal. Our waterfree process produces a highly hygienic solution, in addition to a number of other important benefits.

Our proprietary Waterfree No-Flush Urinals minimize and/or eliminate these common issues:


·         Urinal Odors

·         Low Water Pressure

·         Flush Valve Repairs

·         Deodorizers or Urinal Mats

·         Stoppages and Overflows

·         Costly Flush Sensors

·         No Service Contracts Needed

·         Vandalism

·         High Demand On Septic Tanks

·         Leaking Flush Valves

·         Line Encrustations

·         Rest Room Shut Downs

·         Rising Water & Sewer Costs

·         Yearly winterization costs

·         Mitigation for Water Usage


Additionally, they enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). BlueSeal® itself does not evaporate (also see EverPrime® for floor drains).

Take a step into the future: upgrade your urinal systems with our efficient, cost-saving waterless urinals. Feel free to browse our extensive array of no flush urinals available in several quality models, including those from Anza, Del Mar, Sana Fe, Baja, Del Casa, Kalahari and Sonora.

If you have any questions about our waterless urinals, or how our waterfree solutions can improve your restrooms, call us today at 800.244.6364.